Grand Cayman Taxi: Your Ultimate Guide to Transportation

Landing in Grand Cayman, you’re ready to soak up the island’s beauty. Still, there’s an immediate challenge: finding a good way to get around. The limited public transport and the expense of car rentals can make exploring this Caribbean destination more difficult than expected. This isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s about having a travel experience that’s both enjoyable and practical.

In our article, we tackle the Grand Cayman taxi issue head-on. We’ll give you the best tips and advice for navigating the island efficiently. From understanding taxi fares to choosing the right service, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to turn your travel concerns into a smooth, memorable adventure.

Taxi Services in Grand Cayman 

Visiting Grand Cayman, you’ll quickly notice taxis are a prominent mode of transportation to help you navigate the island. The local taxi service is regulated by the Cayman Islands Government, which ensures consistent and transparent pricing through a digital fare calculator called CI (more on this later). However, please be aware that taxi fares in Grand Cayman can be expensive compared to other destinations.

Several reputable taxi companies operate on the island, including:

  • AA Chauffeur & Transportation Service: +1 (345) 949-7222
  • Ace Cayman Nice Taxi & Tour Service: +1 (345) 949-3676
  • A Quick Cabs: +1 (345) 949-3676
  • Beajac Taxi & Tours: +1 (345) 526-5500
  • Blue Iguana Taxi & Tours: +1 (345) 916-3306
  • Burdonjays Cayman Cab & Taxi: +1 (345) 947-1173
  • Burton’s Taxi Service: +1 (345) 926-8294
  • Cayman Cab Team Taxi Service: +1 (345) 947-1173
  • Charlie’s Super Tours & Taxi Service: +1 (345) 949-4748
  • Checkered Cab Taxi: +1 (345) 943-8888
  • Crown: +1 (345) 916 0111
  • Gould Locksley: +1 (345) 777-7777
  • Holiday Taxi: +1 (345) 945-4491
  • Majestic Tours: +1 (345) 949-7773
  • McCurley’s (North Side): +1 (345) 947 9626
  • Taxi Service: +1 (345) 949-5702
  • Truly Blessed Taxi: (345) 517 2274
  • Webster’s Taxi Service: +1 (345) 947-1718

Taxi Services in Major Areas

Getting around Grand Cayman is a breeze, with several taxi services catering to popular areas like George Town, Bodden Town, East End, and Seven Mile Beach. Whether you plan to visit attractions, go shopping, or dine at top-notch restaurants, taxis are readily available to accommodate your transportation needs.

In George Town, specifically Central George Town, taxis are abundant due to the high concentration of tourists and various attractions. This bustling area features numerous businesses, eateries, and shopping centers, making it one of the most frequented towns on the island. You can easily hail a cab directly on the street or use one of the taxi services mentioned above in the article.

Bodden Town and East End are less dense in terms of taxi availability but still offer reliable transportation services to explore their respective attractions. These areas are known for their pristine beaches, historical landmarks, and lush natural landscapes. It might be advisable to book a taxi in advance for these locations to ensure a timely pick-up.

When it comes to transportation on Seven Mile Beach, taxis are prevalent due to the high concentration of hotels, resorts, shops, and restaurants. 

Remember that CI:GO is a government-owned digital fare calculator that aims to provide a more convenient experience for passengers in Grand Cayman. 

Using CI:GO for Booking

The CI:GO app makes booking a taxi in Grand Cayman easy. Available for both Android and iOS devices, you can download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The app ensures consistent and transparent pricing for taxi fares by setting standard prices for routes.

To use CI for booking, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the app and enter the pick-up and drop-off locations of your intended ride. Alternatively, you can drop a pin on the map.
  2.  Specify the number of passengers and how many pieces of luggage you have.
  3.  The app will calculate the fare in both Caymanian dollars (KYD) and US dollars (USD).

With the calculated fare on hand, you are now ready to get a taxi in Grand Cayman. When getting in the cab, show the driver the fare from CI, and this should help avoid any disagreements over the price.

Airport to Town Journey

When traveling from Owen Roberts International Airport to George Town, several taxi options are available to cater to your needs. Upon arrival at the airport, you can easily find taxis waiting to transport you to your destination.

When taking a Grand Cayman airport taxi, consider the following factors:

  • Luggage: Most taxi companies offer free transportation for the first two pieces of luggage you bring along. Additional charges will apply if you have more pieces of luggage.
  •  Number of passengers: Taxis typically accommodate up to four passengers, but larger vans can accommodate more people at an additional cost.

Below, you can find all the fares in Grand Cayman, including those from/to the Owen Roberts International Airport (underlined in the text for easier reference).

P.S. You might want to explore alternatives for airport transfers in Grand Cayman.

Grand Cayman Taxi Rates

This section shows the taxi fares in Grand Cayman as shown on the Cayman Transport website.

Grand Cayman taxi rates vary depending on the destination and number of passengers. When traveling from the cruise port, taxi fares are also subject to a price increase.

When considering taxi fares, it is essential to keep the following points in mind:

  1. Costs are typically calculated on a sliding scale. This means the fare increases with the distance traveled.
  2.  Additional charges may apply for extra luggage or more than 4 passengers.
  3.  Taxis in Grand Cayman accept both Cayman Island Dollars (KYD) and US Dollars (USD) for payment. However, change is usually given in KYD.

West Bay Road

RoutePrice (USD) for up to 4 Passengers
Margaritaville Beach Resort to The Warf$7.00
Marriott Beach Resort to Fosters Camana Bay$7.00
Westin Hotel to Deckers Caribbean Inspired Grill$7.00
Kimpton Seafire to Morgans Seafood Restaurant/Bacaro$13.00
Westin Hotel to Fosters Camana Bay$13.00
Cobalt Coast to Crack Conch$14.00
Cobalt Coast to Fosters Republic$17.00
Ritz-Carlton to Lobster Pot$18.00
Kimpton Seafire to Catch/Calypso Grille$20.00
Holiday Inn to Fosters Camana Bay$19.00
Margaritaville Beach Resort to Scott’s Landing$19.00
Kimpton to Deckers Caribbean Inspired Grill$22.00
Marriott Beach Resort to Owen Roberts International Airport$22.00
Kimpton to Fosters Camana Bay$23.00
Lacovia to Owen Roberts International Airport$24.00
Westin to Paradise Seaside Grill$24.00
Kimpton to Peppers Bar and Grill$25.00
Sunshine Suites/Westin to The Brassarie$26.00
Westin to Hell$26.00
Kimpton Seafire to Resturante Papagallo$27.00
Kimpton to Cassanova$27.00
Ritz-Carlton Hotel to Grand Old House$28.00
Westin Hotel to Owen Roberts International Airport$28.00
Kimpton to Lobster Pot$30.00
Westin to Cayman Turtle Centre$30.00
Ritz-Carlton Hotel to Resturante Papagallo$34.00
Ritz-Carlton Hotel to Cayman Turtle Centre$35.00
Lacovia to Crack Conch$36.00
Holiday Inn to Owen Roberts International Airport$37.00
Marriott to VIVO Resturant$37.00
Margaritaville Beach Resort to Cayman Turtle Centre$40.00
Marriott Beach Resort to Resturante Papagallo$40.00
Margaritaville to Mission House, Gun Square$82.00
Kimpton to Botanic Park$117.00
Kimpton Sea Fire to Crystal Caves$125.00
Westin Hotel to Star Fish Point$156.00
Kimpton Sea Fire to Starfish Point$166.00

George Town

RoutePrice (USD) for up to 4 Passengers
Owen Roberts Airport to Margaritaville Beach Resort$20.00
Owen Roberts Airport to Locale Hotel$22.00
Owen Roberts Airport to Ritz-Carlton$27.00
Owen Roberts Airport to Kimpton Seafire$34.00
Owen Roberts Airport to Cobalt Coast$54.00
Owen Roberts Airport to Turtle Nest Inn$56.00
Owen Roberts Airport to Morritt’s The Londoner$127.00
Owen Roberts Airport to Wyndham Reef Resort$129.00

Bodden Town

RoutePrice (USD) for up to 4 Passengers
Turtle Nest Inn to Country Side Shopping Centre$24.00
The White House Restaurant to Turtle Nest Inn$7.00
Turtle Nest Inn to The Lighthouse Restaurant$26.00
To Pedro St. James Castle$56.00

East End

RoutePrice (USD) for up to 4 Passengers
Morritt’s The Londoner/Wyndham Reef Resort to Fosters Morritt’s Express$7.00
The Wyndham Reef Resort to Kaibo Beach Bar & Grille$76.00

Alternatives to Taxi

If you’re visiting Grand Cayman and looking for alternative transportation options, several choices are available, ensuring you can efficiently and comfortably navigate the island.

Car Rental: A popular way to explore Grand Cayman is by renting a car or a jeep, as it allows you to move around at your convenience. Numerous car rental companies operate on the island. International companies like Hertz, Avis, and Budget have offices in Grand Cayman, as well as local rental providers like Andy’s Rent-a-Car and Marshall’s Rent-a-Car.

Best for: Renting a car is excellent if you prefer flexibility and independence.

Public Transport Unit: The local public transport unit is affordable for moving around the island. Public buses have set routes, mostly running along Seven Mile Beach and between George Town and various districts of Grand Cayman. Remember that bus schedules might be less frequent, and you must hail a bus from designated bus stops.

The Purple Ribbon Bus, a complimentary service in Cayman during the holiday season, aims to reduce drink-driving incidents. Equipped with flashing purple lights and signs, these buses serve major dining, nightlife spots, and bus stops. While there are set pick-up points, they also stop at key locations for convenience. Stay updated with the latest information about this year’s service by following the NDA’s Facebook page, where details will be announced.

Best for: If you’re on a budget and are okay exploring Grand Cayman leisurely, the public transport unit is the way to go.

Water Taxi Grand Cayman: You can use a water taxi for a more scenic way of getting around. It is an excellent option for reaching destinations like Stingray City, Rum Point, and Kaibo Beach, allowing you to explore the stunning coastline and offshore attractions.

Best for: Consider using a water taxi for a unique experience and visit water-oriented attractions.

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