Best Day Pass Grand Cayman: A Day In Paradise

A day pass in Grand Cayman offers a perfect opportunity to enjoy the luxurious amenities of the island’s renowned resorts without spending the night there. These exclusive passes grant you access to top-notch facilities, ranging from pristine white-sand beaches to inviting freshwater pools. With a Grand Cayman beach club day pass, you can soak in the warm Caribbean sun and revel in the picturesque oceanfront settings of the island’s most sought-after resorts.

Here are some helpful tips when considering a day pass in Grand Cayman:

  • Research various options and resorts to find the best fit for your preferences and budget. You can find the list of my favorite resorts below.
  • Book your Day pass ahead of time to ensure availability, as these passes can sell out quickly.
  • Check for any additional fees, such as service charges or taxes, before making a reservation.

Armed with your day pass, you’re ready to experience the best that Grand Cayman offers, reveling in the island’s natural beauty and world-class amenities. So, get ready to make unforgettable memories as you unwind and indulge in the luxury of Grand Cayman.

What is a Resort Day Pass?

Definition and Advantages

A Resort Day Pass is a convenient way for you to experience a resort’s luxury amenities and services without staying overnight. By purchasing a day pass, you can enjoy access to various facilities such as pools, beaches, restaurants, and spas for a day. This option is trendy among tourists visiting the Grand Cayman.

There are several advantages to obtaining a day pass:

  1. Cost-effective: Resort Day Passes are obviously less expensive than booking a room for the night, offering you a more affordable way to enjoy the resort’s amenities.
  2. Flexibility: You can choose the date and duration of your visit, making it easy to adjust your plans accordingly.
  3. Experience variety: With a day pass, you can visit multiple resorts during your stay in Grand Cayman, allowing you to experience different atmospheres and amenities.

Types of Day Passes Available

There are various types of resort day passes available in Grand Cayman, each offering unique experiences and amenities. Be aware that only some of the hotels on the island offer all the options below. 

Let’s explore some popular options:

  • Standard Day Pass: This type of Day pass grants you access to basic resort amenities, such as pools, beaches, and restaurants. It is ideal for those who want a relaxing daycation.
  • All-Inclusive Day Pass: As the name suggests, this pass includes access to all resort facilities, including unlimited food and drinks. An All-Inclusive Day Pass is perfect for travelers seeking a more indulgent experience, for example, bachelorette party groups!
  • Spa Day Pass: This pass focuses on the spa facilities at the resort and make of it a very romantic day. It typically grants access to the spa, along with treatments or discounts on services, making it ideal for those looking for a rejuvenating day. This is an excellent option for many, but I’d especially recommend it if traveling solo in Grand Cayman.

Best Grand Cayman Day Passes

In this section, you will find information on some of the top-rated day pass options in Grand Cayman. These passes will grant you access to the amenities and facilities at the following resorts:

Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort

Another renowned resort on Seven Mile Beach, the Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort, offers a day pass with access to its beach area, main pool, several restaurants, and beach chairs.

Holiday Inn Grand Cayman

The Holiday Inn on North Sound Road grants Day pass visitors access to their facilities, including swimming pools, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, and more. This budget-friendly option is great for families or individuals looking for a less-crowded experience.

Kimpton Grand Cayman

The upscale Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa provides a day pass that lets you indulge in its elegant amenities, including an oceanfront pool, access to Seven Mile Beach, cabanas, and multiple dining options.

Royal Palms Grand Cayman

The Royal Palms Beach Club offers a day pass with access to their private beach, swimming pool, beach chairs, and umbrellas. The club also features a restaurant and bar for your convenience.

Coral Beach Club Grand Cayman

Get a day pass to enjoy the Coral Beach Club, which boasts waterfront lounging and swimming areas, a beach bar, and water sports activities.

Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman – NO DAY PASS

The Ritz Carlton is a luxurious resort on Seven Mile Beach that do not offer a day pass experience. Guests of the hotel can enjoy immaculate amenities, including expansive pools, private cabanas, and recreation activities. If you are not a guest, you can still enjoy beachfront dining options with some of the best food on the island.

Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort – NO DAY PASS

Unfortunately the Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort does not offer anymore a day pass, following measures taken during Covid.

Other Notable Resorts

As you can see, there are some great options to go to a resort for a day in Grand Cayman. Several additional resorts provide day pass options on the island, such as the Grand Caymanian Resort. Be sure to check the website for updated information and availability.

How to Choose the Right Day Pass

I consider three characteristics to be the main ones you should consider when selecting your day pass:

  1. Activities – Consider the activities you want to participate in. Are you looking for relaxation on the beach, water sports, or a combination?
  2. Location – Identify the area you wish to explore, as this will influence your choice of day pass. For instance, do you prefer a busy or more secluded beach? 
  3. Budget – Determine your budget, and make sure to choose a day pass that fits within your financial limits.
  4. Cabanas – Enhance your resort experience with a luxurious private cabana rental, ideal for unwinding in style after enjoying the resort’s amenities.

Guides to the Best Resorts in Grand Cayman

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hotels offer Day passes on 7 Mile Beach?

Several hotels on 7 Mile Beach offer day passes for visitors to enjoy their amenities. Some popular options include The Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa and The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. These passes grant you access to their pools, beach facilities, and other amenities.

How much do Day Passes cost in Grand Cayman?

A Day Pass for an all-inclusive resort can be around $70 per person. If you prefer a beach club, it can start at $25 for the entry, a beach chair, and an umbrella.

Is there an all-inclusive day pass option in Grand Cayman?

An all-inclusive day pass option may be limited in Grand Cayman. However, some resorts offer passes that include access to amenities, dining, and leisure options. 

Can cruisers access beach clubs in Grand Cayman?

Yes, cruisers staying only one day in Grand Cayman can access beach clubs on the island. Many resorts offer day passes tailored explicitly for cruise ship visitors.

Are there any free beach options in Grand Cayman?

While many resorts and beach clubs require a day pass to access their facilities, there are public beach access points along Seven Mile Beach where you can enjoy the beautiful sand and water for free. Remember that public access beaches may not offer amenities such as restrooms or beach chair rentals.

2 thoughts on “Best Day Pass Grand Cayman: A Day In Paradise”

  1. i am coming to grand cayman december 10 and i am a platinum marriott member — want to get a day pass for the ritz or westin seven mile beach – how do i get one

    1. Hi Debbie, thank you for your message. Neither the Ritz nor the Westin are now offering day pass options. For the Westin, it was a decision that followed the measures taken during COVID-19. I called the Ritz to double-check, and they confirmed that they currently do not offer a Day Pass in Grand Cayman. I hope one of the other resorts mentioned in the article might be a good fit for your holiday.

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