In Curaçao

Odo – Founder

Italian, humanitarian, in love with Caribbean history and beaches.

You can see that I love to stare at the waves and their sound. Possibly with a book in my hands.

I am the creator of Caribe Vibes, and I want to share with you all the little secrets I learned during my trips to these beautiful islands and lands.

For any information: info@caribevibes.com

Olivia Anderson – Miami, FL
Writer and editor – Cayman Islands

Professional travel advisor specialized in the Caribbean. I traveled more than 30 times to the region and I can’t wait to reach 50.

My expertise extends beyond the usual attractions; I revel in connecting travelers with local cultural experiences, from sampling traditional Caymanian cuisine to participating in community festivals. I also enjoy advising on sustainable travel options, helping visitors to enjoy the islands responsibly and preserving their natural beauty for future generations.

Favorite island: Cayman Brac
Top activity: bioluminescent tour in Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico
Dream: having Seven Miles Beach all for myself for a day

Luis Rivera – San Juan, Puerto Rico
Writer and editor – Puerto Rico

Dedicated Puerto Rican historian and journalist, my passion lies in exploring and narrating the deep, often untold stories of Puerto Rico. My travels across the island have deepened my appreciation for our rich heritage and complex history.

My work focuses on unearthing the layers of Puerto Rican culture, often overlooked by mainstream narratives. Whether it’s through engaging articles, insightful documentaries, or captivating lectures, I aim to bring these stories to a wider audience

Favorite island: Vieques
Top cultural experience: The Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián Dream: To curate a comprehensive documentary on Puerto Rico’s rich indigenous heritage